About Us

The team here at Bitcoin Champion wasn't built in a day. It all started five years ago when a small group of investment enthusiasts took notice of a little thing called Bitcoin.

Back then, Bitcoin wasn't anything to write home about. It was only worth a couple of dollars per price, and almost nobody knew about it.

That being said, they still saw the potential the currency held within it, so they invested and kept an eye on it.

That belief was repaid in 2017 when the moves of a single crypto trader made Bitcoin soar in value.

This price jump caught the attention of a few other traders, who, in turn, invested themselves. This made Bitcoin soar even more to the point that it caught the attention of the mainstream media.

The media reported on Bitcoin, making it soar even more. This trend snowballed out of control until there wasn't a single person that hadn't at least heard of Bitcoin. 

The founding group of traders was hesitantly optimistic about this. On the one hand, this technology that they were hopeful about was making headlines, and they had the foresight to invest before the price jumped.

On the other hand, they realized that Bitcoin was in a bubble, and eventually, it was going to crash.

When that bubble popped, Bitcoin quickly fell out of the mainstream's eye. It was still worth a lot and still had the potential to change the financial sector as we knew it, but it was no longer on the nine o'clock news every night.

Our founders decided that this was a massive waste of potential, and so they set out to create a platform to get Bitcoin back into the households of regular people all over the world. 


The first step in building Bitcoin Champion was to recruit a team of expert developers. They didn't have the computing skills necessary to build the platform, but they did know exactly what it is they needed to build.

The team screened dozens of potential candidates over the course of several months. Eventually, they cut the field down to a handful of programmers that possessed both the skills and the mindset necessary to create Bitcoin Champion. 


From here, all it took was a year of long workdays working on our coding, algorithms, and our user interface.

It was important to use that the platform was both effective, but also easy enough for a complete beginner to use.

Eventually, we managed to finalize the product. All that was left was a final coat of polish, and we would be able to launch Bitcoin Champion to the general public.

Then the pandemic hit, our launch window was halted. We didn't plan on stopping so close to the end, though.

We moved our office to an online workspace and continued making the necessary final adjustments.

That takes us to where we are now. Bitcoin Champion has been finished and launched to a great response from the public.

We're not calling it quits here, though. We believe in the goal we set out to achieve, so we're going to continue working towards it until we succeed.